Building Facilities

InNews is based at a 1000 sqm building, located on Dirfis 31 Street, Vrilissia, Attica. The building has 3 floors that are used for office spaces (100 computers positions) and 2 basements for infrastructure (100+ servers). In addition, there is a cutting edge Digitization Laboratory and a Research & Development Department. The company has 7 different internet lines for the support of the infrastructure and the proper operation of the systems. The facility operates under strict safety standards, automatic fire extinguishing system and alarm.


Computing Systems

InNews started the digitization in 1997 with the development of software for digital libraries.
This need mainly resulted for private use.

The company daily scans all the printed nationwide publications (at about 10.000 pages per day) and maintains in a digital platform all the Greek press for the 5 past years. Form the 1st of January 2007 the company also maintains digitally the whole file of the Greek TV and Radio.

aggelia ergasias texnikos diktyon

InNews infrastructures constitute today one of the most cutting edge Data Center in Greece, with volume of data that exceeds 1 petabyte.